My Story



Are you feeling out of balance in life?

Have you lost hope along your journey?

Does your health getting out of control?

I understand, you are not alone I was there too…

My quest for happiness and success began in 1991 which led me to multiple enriching life experiences that did not feel so rich then. I had inner voices that contradicted each other all the time. I had financial successes and financial disasters.

Fortunately, I was able to experience abundance & success multiple times when I was in the zone, the states to make it happen. Over these moments I had complete trust, hope; I was at the right place at the right time; things were going rights they just happened! My life was effortless!

It became worse when I got sick with hypothyroidism; when I experienced severe back pain where I couldn’t walk for almost 3 weeks, when my youngest was diagnosed with sensory processing disorder and Candida. My thoughts were emerged with whys and tears all over my face that was the defining moment for me I knew then that I could not continue the way I was going. That was rock bottom.

In facing these life challenges, I had to face the facts of what I had created, I began to question how did I create these circumstances of life, how did I manifest the life that I was living. This quest opened up the door of “Hope” and I believe there is hope for everyone no matter the situation you are in.

Hope brought to me the right people to connect to. I discovered some keys that helped me to turn my life around and create the freedom and lifestyle that I really desired for myself and for my family.


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